Laser Treatment

VBQ 300 - Co2 Fractional Laser Machine CE & S.A Health Department Approved


Fractional CO2 Laser (and the delivery accessories that are used to deliver laser energy) is a surgical equipment using CO2 laser which is used in an operating room the following purpose.The laser is intended to be used in the following application: This equipment is used to treat acne scars and remove warts through the incision, destruction or clotting of tissues. 

Applications: Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle, Freckles, Skin Resurfacing, Acne Scar, Warts, LVR(Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation)

Features: Thermal damage on the skin can be considerably reduced by using ultra pulse laser beam. High quality Galvano motor is installed for the fast, precise and safe treatment.  Multifil functions is added such as rubbing mode which other maximize the treatment result.- Smart protocol equipped.

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