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Every person wants to have a light and tender, silky, smooth and translucent "HD face/skin", but the daily habits and wrong skin care methods will increasingly have an un-desired effect on the skin. The skin gets exposed to the outdoors daily and experience the effect of “Free Radicals” in the atmosphere and wind and sun which causes pre-mature aging and destroys the healthy aging process which we all go through daily. The building up of the “dead” layer of skin, combined with sebum (natural oils of the skin) and all our cosmetic residue, makes the skin unable to absorb all of our expensive products and serums that we purchase and apply to our skin, and has an effect on the skin that needs to breathe. So the question arises, “How do we get a Deep exfoliating cleanse?”. With the New Technology micro-nano bubble small energy patented device.Using the collision theory of 299,000 times per second high-frequency wave oscillation elements, to produce water molecules burst into a high-oxygen water molecule, and then cut by the ultra-high frequency wave ,the nano water molecules produces negative ions, ultrasound, and nano-high water molecules containing oxygen. They then rapidly penetrates into the skin pores, and removes the old horny/dead layer of the skin and body. Resulting in deep cleansing of the skin and increases oxygen in the blood, and also promotes body & blood circulation which in turns activates cell repair and collagen reproduction, delays skin aging and pre-mature aging.

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