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Training On Beauty EquipmentOne of the key aspects lacking in the beauty industry is training of therapists in the settings and functionality of the technology available. This lack of understanding of what your machines can and cannot do results in the under utilization and often under performance of what could be your business’s finest asset.

We help close this gap, not by certifying therapists but rather focusing on the continued education of therapists in the technology side of the industry. We also provide detailed training on the application and benefits of all our consumables range.

J.H.C. BeautyQuip (Pty) Ltd Offer Training On The Following Equipment:


  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Laser Machines
  • Tattoo Removal Laser Machines
  • Hair Removal Laser Machines
  • Cyro Slimming (Fat Freezing) Machines
  • Skin Whitening Machines
  • Body Contouring Laser Equipment
  • Pigmentation Laser Equipment
  • Breast Contouring Laser Equipment
  • Facial Contouring Laser Equipment
  • Vaginal Tightening Laser Equipment

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